Built in Optimisation Tools

Xero features a selection of built in tools for optimising your site's performance including a less compiler, script compressor, basic cdn functionality, gzip feature, script stripper and more.

Selective Bootstrap Implementation

Xero is Bootstrap independent but features the ability to selectively add bootstrap css elements that may be required by 3rd party components. No need to add the entire Bootstrap library unless you need it.

Mega Menu

Xero uses our own Megamenu module which comes in the form of a module and plugin. Easily add captions to menu items, modules in a dropdown menu, menu icons, multiple columns and more.

Easy Asset Control

Xero makes it super easy to add more scripts, css files, edits to layouts etc. Assets can be added to the builtin compressor via the admin UI or via the assets.xml file.

Responsive Menu options

Choose from a selection of responsive menu patterns including off canvas, toggle menu, select menu and more.

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